Who we are

SIA Dadsons is a company based in Riga, Latvia with about 20 years of experience. We are able to offer fresh, sawn wood, Siberian Larch, customized timber products, etc. So we have a wide variety of timber products and are able to satisfy the different demands of our clients. We are in possesion of the FSC® and BS certificate. We do business with both Eastern and Western Europe and therefore have experience in both cultures.

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Import and export

Most of the import is done in Russia, the Baltic States, Belarus and Ukraine. We have contracts with local sawing mills in those countries. The export is done to most of Western Europe. We have about 20 years of experience in the culture of both Eastern and Western Europe.


We do business on the international market. We export 75% of our timber and timber products to Western Europe. We speak multiple languages to support our import and export: Latvian, Russian, English, Dutch, German and Spanish.

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Customized products

Due our experience in the timber industry we are able to customize our products to meet the requirements of our clients. We are able to deviate from the standards.


We value the relationships with both suppliers and clients more than anything. We trust both our suppliers and clients. As our clients and suppliers trust us. We have often contact with our clients and suppliers and we speak them often face to face.

Transport and Customs

We have in house expertise to arrange all customs and insurances if needed by clients. Used to send containers from Europe to Middle East and USA so this we can give as service for our clients as well. So door to door delivery is possible worldwide! So do not hesitate to ask us for quotations for this as well.

Sponsoring local community

SIA Dadsons is actively sponsoring the local community, specially the youth. We have sponsored sport clubs, music academies and even primary schools. In the end they are our future!