Glued wooden beams and boards made from pine and spruce, as well as length-grown material preparation. This timber is especially suitable for the manufacturing of furniture, durable window sills, quality stairs and material for windows.

Comparing to other timber, glued wooden boards have a higher moisture resistance and it can carry a higher load, as well as has practically no splinters.

Glued beam wood is dried in a special manner; the moisture level does not exceed 10-16%, because of that, during the exploitation it does not crack or loose shape. Glued beams are a light and reliable material.


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SIA "Dadsons" 27.03.2023. noslēdza ar LIAA līgumu Nr. SKV-L-2022/167 par atbalsta saņemšanu pasākuma "Starptautiskās konkurētspējas veicināšana" ietvaros, ko līdzfinansē Eiropas Reģionālās attīstības fonds.